"Yash Yigit" Private Enterprise located in Turkmenistan and is a new trademark for effective and flexible approach to trade, customer-oriented pricing, international distribution as well as high-value products among its business partners.

Our workers are specialized in worldwide trade. They have rich experience and high-grade business qualities. We have a broad client network and sales channels spread all over the world.


Help customers to find the right products and manufacturers quickly and efficiently.

Provide accurate and dependable information about the Turkmen goods and manufacturers.

Assist buyers and suppliers to cooperate in effective and efficient business.

Our mission is to support local trades by importing required products in the market.

We value our commitment and we only use ethical ways of trading.

Represent world-class brands to consumers

Relating to Us:

We assist different businesses to attain desired business growth by exploring and expanding to new or existing markets with customer focused and result orientated approach.

At present, we have already established long-term business relationships with many clients not only in the UAE, but also in the Gulf, Near East, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, as well as the Former Soviet States.

Our company delivers quality results with integrity and transparency, which makes us a trusted partner for companies who are doing business from all over the world with and by "Yash Yigit". We value our commitment and we only use ethical ways of trading.

Qualified staff
Extended warranty
24/7 support

Our Services:

Logistics & Transportation

A partnership based on trust.

Go beyond logistics, make the world go round and revolutionize business.

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Private Enterprise

The foundation of the business consists of services such as international freight forwarding (by air or ocean), contract logistics (such as warehousing), and transportation (such as trucking). These services can act as standalone products or as part of our broader offering as a supply chain provider.

Above all else we focus on developing strong relationships with our customers to ensure their long-term success.

Import & Export

Define your world in a whole new way.

We put you first. And keep you ahead.

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Private Enterprise

Why you should choose us?

Our export-import operations started with raw materials and grew to encompass components, products and equipment for affiliated joint ventures. To keep pace with changing business environment we also act as a distributor for overseas companies from all over the world, follow on relocating production overseas, and, in addition to regular trading, carry out regulatory research. This is the know-how that allows us to speedily and thoroughly meet our customers trading and financial needs.


From strategy to delivery, on time every time

Think fresh, work faster, grow smarter, save money

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Private Enterprise

Why you should choose us?

Our experienced consultants offer you knowledge, expertise, and capacity.We work around your needs to allow us the time to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. We are here to discuss everything from your temporary concerns to more long-term challenges; with the objective of reducing your workload through analysis of your logistics processes and optimisation of your customs activities.

Global Chemical Supplier & Distributor

Also we are an international supplier & distributor of chemicals, solvents & intermediates worldwide.

Our Products

We partner with manufacturers both domestically and internationally to provide cost-effective alternatives focusing on the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Polymer Additives


Flame Retardants


Water Treatment

Fertrilizer/Crop Nutrition

Qualified specialists

Satisfied customers

Completed projects

Why Us?

We work directly with manufacturers, without intermediaries.

Quality is the most important factor responsible for the number of regular customers. We value our reputation.

The company's specialists have many years of practical experience in this business, accumulated during their work in international corporations.

Our company is an example of responsibility towards customers and a friendly attitude towards them.

We do our best to make the client come back to us again.

We are professionals in our field.

The best offer
for your business

We value our reputation and value your time. Our company will be able to create solutions that meet the needs of your business.

We will always be glad to cooperate with you!